On-going floor coating maintenance will improve your floor’s appearance and integrity.

Re-sanding an existing cork floor

Re-sanding a cork floor will strip away all polyurethane and cut the floor back to the natural cork. It provides an ‘as new?result once the floor is surfaced with three heavy coats of polyurethane to a selected finish of either Matt, Satin or Gloss upon your request.

Re-sanding should be considered when:
  • The floor has not been maintained.
  • Fire or water damage has occurred.
  • Individual tiles need to be removed or replaced.
  • The floor coating is peeling or flaking.

Once the existing cork has been rough sanded to remove all polyurethane coating, the floor is then buffed carefully to ensure as smooth a finish as possible. The floor is then finished with a hi-speed buff and three heavy coats of polyurethane are applied to restore it to its original state.

Read more about our sanding process here. Read more

Resurfacing an existing cork floor

A quick and easy way to bring your cork floor back to life is by a resurface. When your floor starts to appear dull and lacks lustre, it’s time to consider resurfacing.

We recommend that all cork tile floors be resurfaced at intervals of approximately 4-6 years to keep their shine and to keep the floor looking ‘as new?

After the floor is cleaned with our approved solvent, it is then sanded lightly to ensure the new coat of polyurethane adheres to the surface.

As not all polyurethanes are compatible with each other, care is taken to ensure the surface is correctly prepared. However there may be some trial and error in the process depending on other household products that have been applied to areas of the floor, such as ironing sprays etc.

We understand that no customer intentionally applies products to the floor which may have a detrimental effect on the resurfacing process and similarly we hope that our customers understand that we can not predict exactly what type of chemical reaction may be seen as a result of the process.

If a floor is flaking or peeling, expert advice should be sought before going ahead so please give us a call.

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We pride ourselves on delivering a diverse range of services through our highly trained tradesmen and a dedicated coordination team.

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