Good floor preparation is the key to a high quality finish on any floor, whether it is cork, timber, or bamboo.

A variety of floor preparation procedures need to be followed in the preparation process, some of these are listed below.

Concrete Floors

  • Must be sanded clean.
  • Holes and cracks must be filled.
  • Any silicone to be removed and area thoroughly washed with solvent.
  • Oversprayed or spilt paint must be removed.

Timber Floors

Inspect floor to establish whether it is suitable for hardboard underlay to be installed. If not, the floor will have to be rough sanded and any squeaky boards will need to be nailed down.


Chipboard or Ply Floors

  • Joins must be sanded level.
  • Nail and/or screw holes must be filled.
  • Chipboard and ply must be checked thoroughly as over time ply may de-laminate and chipboard will swell when exposed to moisture.

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We pride ourselves on delivering a diverse range of services through our highly trained tradesmen and a dedicated coordination team.

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