Frequently asked questions about our products and services

How long will it take to complete my job?

It can take from 2 - 5 days to install floors. We try to keep within this time frame but larger or more difficult jobs can take longer. Because we cannot always anticipate these delays, we are not able to accept responsibility for time delay.

Will there be any smell when my floors are coated?

Polyurethane has quite a strong smell and we suggest that you take any necessary precautions. After the floor has been completed and has dried, the house should be opened to let the fresh air circulate.

What about my skirting boards?

We strongly suggest that skirting be painted after the floors have been finished. The polyurethane can cause a chemical reaction to the painted skirting. All care is taken to avoid this from happening but no responsibility will be taken for any damage that occurs to the skirting boards.

When should I put my furniture back?

When replacing furniture, soft furnishings, etc., we recommend that this be left for at least 48 hours after the final coat has dried. It is important not to drag items of furniture over the floor.

Should I use place anything on the bottom of chair and table legs?

We produce adhesive felt floor protectors which can be easily fitted onto the bottoms of chair and table legs and also the bottoms of all movable items of furniture.

What do I do when my floors are being coated?

While the floor is being coated, it is important that the air flow be minimized. Please ensure doors, windows, etc., are kept closed until the floor finish has dried.

What happens when there are tiles or boards to be replaced on my floor?

We are unable to perfectly match replacement cork or timber to your existing flooring. There will always be a distinct variation between new and old flooring and we cannot be held responsible for the visible differences.

Reducing or Finishing Strips

It is not always possible to know what strips may be required at the time of the quotation. If reducing or finishing strips are required, these will be charged accordingly.

Will the weather affect my the duration of work?

Yes, definitely. Any dramatic changes in weather, eg., rain, wind, extreme heat etc, will affect/delay the drying time of the polyurethane on the floor.

Will there be much dust?

When we are doing any type of sanding work in your home, we are careful to try to keep the dust to a minimum by using a dust bag on our machines and vacuuming up the immediate areas before coating the floor. There will still be a certain amount of dust released into the air. To avoid the inconvenience of heavy cleaning work in your home after the work is completed, we suggest that you hang clear plastic sheets at doorways or entrance ways to the other areas of your home and cover furniture with old sheets.

Do we need to have our floors inspected if there are already floor coverings down?

It is impossible to know what condition your sub-floor is in if there are floor coverings down at the time of the quotation. We will inform you that an inspection of the floor is required once these floor coverings are removed to ensure that no floor preparation will be needed prior to our work being carried out. If we are to remove the existing floor coverings, we will carry out the inspection between the removal and the new work being done.

If floor preparation is required, in most cases another one of our tradesmen will be appointed to carry out the preparation work. Any additional work carried out will be charged accordingly. We will inform you at our earliest opportunity of these additional costs.

How do I clean my new floor?

Your new floor should be kept free from dust and grit by regularly sweeping or vacuuming the floor. We recommend that you use an Electro-static dry mop which can be purchased from our showroom. When you wash the floor, use a small amount of methylated spirits or white vinegar in the water. We strongly suggest that you use a separate mop for these areas and not the same mop that you use with detergents and/or disinfectants for other floors.

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